Friday, August 30, 2013

Unique, Unforgettable, Amazing

Elephant Voyage is an exclusive and inspirational experience for tourists that are interested in more than just the ordinary elephant ride that can be typically found in India .We have created an one-of-a-kind experience which is truly unique and we doubt that you will find anything like it anywhere else. Elephant Voyage is a must-do for anyone visiting Jaipur.

An elephant back safari is more than just learning about and becoming familiar with one of India's most stately, intelligent mammals - the Elephant. It is a luxurious adventure of relaxed interaction with the herd getting with these gentle giants in a meaningful way.

Close interaction with the elephants are possible as days are spent riding, walking or swimming with the elephants. After your elephant back safari experience you will take away memories that will stay with you forever.

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Sumit Bhattacharya 
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Elephant Safari in Jaipur: An Unforgettable Wilderness Experience

Rajasthan isn't just all about camels, forts, palaces! The Jaipur Elephant is a good possibility to explore, this elephant, with their best. People also can enjoy the safari ride on the elephants to Amber fort and in neighborhood of amber city.

One can enjoy a whole day with the gentle beasts from their routine day to day life like from feeding them to bathing them in the park lake. People also can enjoy the safari ride on the elephants to Amber fort and the confined Jaipur. Over all it’s an initiative to aware the people about our mother nature.

At first the member of Elephant Voyage welcome their tourists by welcome drinks and then feed and water them, they wash the elephants in village elephant pool. The club organizes a painting class and tells about elephant-decorations by the medium of natural colors.

After wash, feed and decoration we take a beautiful bare back rides on elephants. The tourists enjoy elephant safari with elephant rider, visiting Elephant village as well as Naharghar Biological Park. This is one of the exciting moments for all the tourists. They enjoy whole the day with the attractive elephants as well as evening in Biological Park. The safari starts before sunset and end after dark. Later in the day, diner with family.

Contact  Person
Sumit Bhattacharya 
+91 9871518708

Monday, August 12, 2013

Elephant experience jaipur

Enjoy relaxing afternoon/evening with the elephants and away from the hustle and bustle of city life in a unique state near Amber Fort. 

First contact is always important! Have to let them catch your smell while you meeting an elephant first time. Make them feel comfortable By stroking and talking to them, looking into their eyes Make them feel comfortable. Allow the elephant feel your energy and spirit.

Elephant language
You might be surprised to know that there is a certain sound and sign language to communicate with the elephants. Learn the basics of this language to communicate with your new friend.

Elephant Painting
Learn and participate in the traditional of Elephant face and trunk painting. Explore your artistic talent while using traditional Indian mediums of henna and plant based paints. Create beautiful and unique artwork on the forehead and trunk of the elephant that you will enjoy during your safari.

Photograph your master piece to share with friends and family back home.

Take a bath with your elephant
One of our favorite activities here at is taking our elephants down to the Elephant bathing pond to wash and scrub them! Our elephants love to keep clean help your new friend elephant take a bath, and if you’re lucky, they may return the favor.

Ride /safari
After the refreshing bath, introduction, painting there is nothing more pleasant than a Sunset safari. You will take a relaxing one hour ride through the Naharghar biological century.
Please read this section carefully, and do not expect to see a lot of wildlife like the other jungles. We are in Rajasthan, it’s a very dry state of India, if you are lucky you may see some animals and you may not, unfortunately we can’t make any promise for wild animals.  Safari passes by the Tiger Rescue Center, where sometimes the tigers are outside. During the safari you will have a great opportunity to get closer not only to nature but also chance to discover much bird’s life periods.
Jackals and Antelopes are usual visitors on our tours, and occasionally the Hyena and the Wolf have also been known to show themselves off to our guests. If you are lucky you might even get to see a Leopard, all this while moving smoothly on the top of your elephant. Not once have we experienced a tour without seeing Peacocks.

Cook and dine with elephants
Learn to cook the elephant chapattis (bread) similar to the native Indian chapattis but Elephant sized and made with very special ingredients to make the elephant strong. You will have a fantastic time feeding the elephants watching them use their trunk to grab food from your hands and toss it into their mouths.

Here you will richly learn many of the clever tricks your elephant will use to get more food, making friends with the elephant on this process.


Here you will also get a chance to see the real Indian lifestyle being with us, our families. Diner will be at home with delicious home cooked traditional Indian food, please don't worry about hygiene and cleanliness, the up most care is taken when preparing food.

Please note: Day with Elephant is not any kind of luxury ride or safari, we don't make anything artificial for our guests, and the whole thing is as it would usually be throughout the daily life of our elephants. We always try to show our guest what the regular life of an elephant and how they live and interact with humans, what their habits are and how close they are.

Contact details

Sumit Bhattacharya 
+91 9871518708

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Exclusive and inspirational experience at elephnat Voyage.

A Day with Elephant at Elephant Voyage is an unforgettable experience!! Sunrise and Sunset Safaris are available daily; promising you much more than just a elephant back safaris, but rather a closer imminent into the world’s largest land mammal, the Indian Elephant. The Elephant Back Safaris are conducted on the Naharghar Biological Park and Elephant village, more than that spending time with them in bathing pool by feeding them  

we have created a kind of place which is unique and we doubt you’ll have seen anything like it anywhere else, this makes Elephant Voyage a must do for anyone visiting Jaipur. We just not conducted safari and rides we give you chance to get closer and know more about this amazing creature of God. .

Here you will also get a chance to see the real Indian lifestyle being with us,  our families. Diner  will be at home with delicious home cooked traditional Indian food, please don't worry about hygiene and cleanliness, the up most care is taken when preparing food.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day With Elephant

Beasts can be the beauty too, and elephant pageants in Rajasthan are perfect example of that. Jaipur in Rajasthan several elephant throughout the year, Elephants are an important part of the Rajasthan Tourism. There are about 700 captive elephants in Jaipur and all over Rajasthan , mostly in the Jaipur region. Elephants play a very important roll at Jaipur tourism , apart from serving people. You can spend a day with an elephant in our farm, watch and participate with the mahouts bathing Elephant, and scrub them with coconut. The elephants of our Farm are usually calm creatures which do not mind you getting close to them. feed and ride them Nahargrah biological park and in elephant village too.For more details visit Elephant voyage