Thursday, December 26, 2013

Royal Elephant Safari

The Capital of Rajasthan “Jaipur” is popular for elephant safaris. There is nothing like an elephant safari to complete your visit to this Rajasthan. You get a royal ride and feel quite imperial indeed. It also gives you a better view of wildlife. The elephants are trained and led by mahouts.
The peace of the Naharghar Biological Park (Tiger Rescue center) along with chirping of the birds makes for a unique experience. The safari runs on a scheduled path and you will visit the spots where you will be able to see Lion, Tigers and other animals, Immigrated birds and reptiles.
It takes some time getting used to the elephant’s, but once you are settled, you will find the ride quite enjoyable.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Naharghar Biological Park

Elephant Safari track was twisted in Nahargarh Biological Park to endorse eco-friendly. This offers a unique opportunity for visitors to be pleased about an enjoy nature in a very entertaining style. The birds and other wild animals are unique attraction of Naharghar Biological Park. A climb to the hills on elephant back with the superb views of the jungle and hills it makes it different from other Elephant Safari in India.

Elephant Safari 
The route is about 2 km/1 hour in length on which elephant ride can be enjoyed. Ride through Sura-ki-Baori for recreation. This spot has an ancient step well and view points near a waterhole. Wild animals and birds can be seen in large numbers here.


In winter the area is visited by a number of migratory water birds like large cormorant, grey leg-goose, coot, pin-tail, teals and the surrounding forests are visited by golden back wood pecker, Indian pitta and other beautiful birds. The resident birds of the park are also worth mentioning. The rare bird white naped tit is local resident of the park. Besides this the peacock, black-partridge, short eared owl, grey hornbill, tree-pie, various falcons and other birds are a common sight in the Park.

has a high-quality diversity of mammals which includes Panther, Blue bull, Hyena, Porcupine, Jackal, Fox, Jungle cat, Desert cat, Indian hare Civets and Mongoose. The total number of birds, resident and migratory in the park is 120. The park is populated by a range of reptiles, including crocodile, Cobra, two species of Vipers, Krait, Monitor lizard and fat tail gecko.