Saturday, July 26, 2014

The ultimate experiences in the world - An elephant back safari

Appreciate nature by experiencing the Indian bush from an elephant's perspective - walking besides them or riding high allows you to get close to the animals. There is no better way of interacting with the wilderness and wildlife of India than on an elephant back safari.

Getting onto your elephant is easy, climb some wooden steps and from a strong platform step aboard. Once you are safely seat, the elephant sets of It may take a little time to get used the gentle rolling motion, but soon you will be relaxed and enjoying the view.

An elephant back safari is more than just learning about and becoming familiar with one of India's most stately, intelligent mammals - the Indian Elephant. It is a luxurious adventure of relaxed interaction with the herd, enjoying the wilds of India and getting aquatinted with these gentle giants in a meaningful way.

Close interaction with the elephants and their grooms are possible as days are spent riding, walking or swimming with the elephants. After your elephant back safari experience you will take away memories that will stay with you forever.

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