Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Elephant Riding Tour

An elephant riding tour through green countryside will go into your India travel diaries perfectly. This elephant safari in Jaipur is your ideal tour choice if you're feeling adventurous but not prepared for a full-on trekking expedition. The elephant riding journey takes you on an excursion through green countryside in the Elephant Village - all while mounted up on the back of a well-trained elephant. The gentle elephant ride will let you enjoy the sense of being lost in Local Indian towns/villages and explore the real Indian life and culture as they are guided by their mahouts.

Listen to the calls of exotic birds and wildlife and immerse yourself in the refreshing scenery. Afterwards, you can take a in Elephant feeding farm there you get chance to get more close to Elephants, learn more about elephant diet and medication.

Elephant Voyage lets you experience in this tour:

  • Elephant safari, elephant riding through countryside through elephant village.
  • Elephant feeding
  • Elephant Painting 
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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Elephant Ride Tour

The versatility of India's landscapes offers various sites for exhilarating experience of Elephant Safari. Elephant Safari has become a popular means of exploring National Parks and Sanctuaries, which are too vast and deep, to be explored on foot. Most of them are left unused during the long tropical monsoon season. For best experience of elephant safari in India head to Jaipur, capital state of Rajasthan in North India.

Elephant Voyage offers you an assortment of activities with elephants in private farm away from the hustle and bustle of busy and crowded city. Including elephant back rides, Feeding, Elephant bathing, explore your artistic talent by painting your elephants. 

Elephant Voyage is an adventure ride that gives an the opportunity to explore the unexplored country side surrounding Jaipur. Visit us for instead booking and more details http://elephantvoyage.com/ 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Elephant Voyage - Elephant safari trip

The unforgettable adventure begins when you arrive at Elephant Voyage in Jaipur; Rajasthan and participate in activities like an Elephant feeding, bathing, medication and decorating and encounter with Indian Domesticated human friendly Elephants.

Also, exploring around the farm by riding elephant’s back, it not just had a superb chance to take wonderful photographs of the bird, natural beauty and visit explore the country side but also the great opportunity to enter in real Indian culture by visiting the villages and there families. Optionally we can also take a four wheel jeep drive to reach at the heart of desert and be the witness of amazing sunset.

Likewise, another entertaining part of Elephant Voyage is dinner with family, learn and experience the family atmosphere, it confirm make to joining the kitchen and cooking. Also you can visit Naharghar bio logical park.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Elephant Voyage - Wilderness Collection

Elephant Voyage presents an exceptional experience in Jaipur; Rajasthan that showcase the outstanding wildlife and landscape of Rajasthan, a safari that will make over your awareness of elephants, wilderness and life.

As a guest of Elephant Voyage, you are invited to walk and ride elephants, Feed and painting, Bath and swim to get a glimpse of their world and learn about their behaviors. Becoming part of an Indian elephant we attend an extra ordinary opportunity that we seek to share with those who visit us.

Elephant Voyage has been running for 5 years and as such is the original elephant safari experience in India, to promote and give better life to Domesticated elephants and riders family.