Saturday, November 22, 2014

Elephant Voyage - Wash/Play/Bath

If your expecting to play/wash/explore and be the part of fun and amazing movements of elephant bathing with domesticated elephant in there natural in habitat and learn about the behavior. Here is your chance at Elephant Voyage.

The Elephant camp at Elephant Voyage in Jaipur, India. Is a place where you can get a chance to see and take elephants for bathing with "mahout", elephant bathing is a part of our elephant day trip, at elephant Voyage we offer our guest to experience and spend tones of time with elephant in there routine life. here you can experience how much elephants love to be in water and to be with some to play!!

Elephant Voyage invites you to participating, sharing, responsibilities and take care of elephants of elephants.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Elephant Voyage - See, feel,ride and feed elephant

See, feel, ride and feed elephants - Elephant voyage propose you an thrilling opportunity to experience the real life of an elephant apart from the best tours, rides and safaris in Jaipur
Elephant Voyage is not any kind of luxury tour, place or theme park it’s all about the experience real life of elephants and there riders, nothing artificial we made for our guests, everything is as it would normally be during any given day in the life of one of our elephants in natural habitat. We always try to show our guest what the daily life of an elephant looks like and how they live and interact with humans, what their habits are and how close they are to us. 

As a wild life lover while enter in Elephant Voyage you would learn the silent language of elephants and how to gain their trust and become their friends. we provide you nothing luxurious but lifetime unforgettable fun and frolic memories with our elephants.

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Elephant Voyage - Day with Elephant

Among several 'elephant parks' in India, Elephant Voyage in Jaipur – India offer you the experience the unique, exclusive and inspirational elephant back safari. Elephant Voyage located in outskirts of Jaipur in private farm away from Hustle and bustle of Pink City, Jaipur. A perfect relaxing spot in nature.

Elephant Voyage offers you to bath elephant yourself and make sure to take lots of pictures to ensure the one of the best memento from your holidays. 

Afterwards, you can participate in elephant decoration with our team and explore your artistic talent by decorate and paint elephant with the medium of natural colors. Here you can know how much elephants love to decorate and painted. You can also go into the center and watch the elephants being feeding, feed them yourself make the elephant size chapattis and learn about their medication and life, here you can able to know how about the intelligence of elephants by watching  their  plenty of different treks to grad food from you.

Many more fun and souvenir of memories waiting for you in Jaipur.

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