Sunday, December 28, 2014

Elephant Voyage - Feed/Bath/paint

Elephant Voyage - Situated in the Outskirt of Jaipur; (Rajasthan) India, in between Amer and Naharghar Biological Park. In Elephant Voyage we offer our guest to be the part of elephant’s daily life. Here our guest comes as a visitor but left with lots of unforgettable lifetime memories.

As a guest you can enjoy lots of different activities in camp start with feeding elephants and get to know about intelligences of elephants by the different tricks of elephant using to get food from you, here you can also get a chance to learn about Indian cooking by cook chapattis and food similar to native Indian chapattis and curries.

We offer lots of other activities also which made you more close to our elephants and strong your relationship with wildlife. We offer our guests to take our elephants for bathing and decorate them with using henna and different kind of natural colors.

Elephant Voyage camp run by Arpana International leading tour operator providing services to nation since 20 years. This guarantees personal services and safety as well as domesticated elephant welfare.

If you’re expecting to experience more than the regular safaris and ride provided by other operators and be the part of fun and amazing movements of elephant in their natural in habitat and learn about elephants behavior as well as help elephant keepers to give better  life to their elephants. Here is your chance at Elephant Voyage


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Elephant - Signature of Indian Royalty

Elephant safari in Jaipur (India) is a unique and thrilling way to experience wildlife holidays in India. The elephant back ride experience with our select elephant safari tour packages. Our Elephant back safari gives you the experience and feel the Indian Royalty from the Indian history. 

Submerge yourself with the incredible and wilderness of Rajasthan at our camp rather than traveling with luxurious fancy safari and tours. With us you can be the part of various numbers of different activities. After spending some hours you will find yourself as a part of our family and able to know more about this huge amazing animal and innocent Tricks and intelligences, Medication, natural habitats.

Elephant Voyage (Camp) organized by Arpana International and Discover India With Us together to Give better Life to Domesticated Elephants and there Keepers.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Elephant Voyage - Visit/Volunteer

Being in Jaipur, you would not want to miss elephant safari. If you are keen to engage the adventurous spirit in you, Elephant Voyage farm is perfect place to explore your wilder spirit. Elephant Voyage farm situated in outskirts of Jaipur near Amer away from Hustle and bustle of city “a perfect get away from the City” in foothills of Aravali Range surround with the several different fields and Village.

You will enjoy the elephant safari in the serene atmosphere. The ride will take you through fields, fortress. The picturesque landscape and the stunning beauty of the forest will elevate your spirits. If you love to experience your adrenaline rush, you need to come at sunset. Experience the stunning countryside Sunset through the elephant you will be provided excellent meals that would keep your taste buds engaged.

Elephant Voyage is not just a tourist spot. It is a destination to learn, enjoy, wonder, experience, ponder and get adventurous. There are a lot more than the Just ride participate in cooking chapattis for Elephant similar as Indian native breads, make up and decorate elephants by using natural colours.

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Elephant - Come/Support/Enjoy

Elephants and human always associated. Elephants always played a key role in human’s life. In early days, Elephants were used as a means of transportation as well as for military purposes. Still elephants are used by human for several things Such as in Indian wedding, transportation, rides and safaris. In the modern era, however, elephants have been associated with state pomp, for elephant-capturing, logging operations, tourism, temple processions, circus shows and, to a limited extent, for agricultural works. Elephants are a common sight on our roads and temples and as a source of power still.

Still lots of domesticated elephants in India didn’t not get good veterinary care even still they’re used for many purposes and. Wild elephants enjoy legal protection by Indian law as compare  to domesticated elephants.

Arpana international introduce Elephant Voyage in Jaipur capital state of Rajasthan India to give better life to domesticated elephant and family of there. 

We invite all the elephant lovers come to Elephant Voyage and book our day programs with elephants. Here you can learn more about elephant and help us to give better life to domesticated elephants and there keepers.