Sunday, February 22, 2015

Elephant Ride and Safari

Elephant Voyage – Don’t miss out India’s best spot for Elephant Safari. Offering the out-of-the-ordinary wild life throughout the Countryside and Elephant Village Jaipur, India. Elephant ride and safari is very common tourism activity in Jaipur especially in “Amber Fort”.

At Elephant Voyage we offer our guest to be closer to the wildlife and adopt an elephant for a day know more about their regular life circle and habits.  Full expedition will take half day here you can feed elephants, participate in cooking food for elephants, know about their medication, decorate elephants by using different natural colors,  by ride through the Picturesque countryside makes you witness of Indian real life.

Our Team
Elephant Voyage is a joint Venture of Discover India with Us and Arpana International leading tour operators of North India with experience of 20 years. All our elephant riders and guide well experienced and Government license holder. Safety and elephant welfare is first priority.

Our Vision
Give better life to the domesticated Elephants and their Keepers.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Elephant Voyage - Exclusive/Fun/Education

Elephant Voyage - Best way to explore evening in Jaipur. Riding an elephants taking you to the royal era when the elephants are symbol of royalties. The Elephant Voyage offers you breathtaking experience as the largest mammal in the world takes you to the extraordinary wildest dream land journey.

The Elephant Voyage Journey not only offers and exciting experience, but it also allows guests to enjoy the tranquility as the elephant ride includes a one of a kind elephant bath in the Elephant Bathing pound, Elephant Painting by using natural colours, feeding elephants made amazing internal bounding between you and elephants, all this activities adding a plus point in your safari experience.

Best part of Elephant Voyage is just not only a regular Safari and ride, Elephant Voyage is the exclusive and educational tour, you can learn more about elephants and their medication.