Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Adopt an Elephant

There are many and wide-ranging experiences that you can have with elephants in India. So, how do you find the right ones without making this amazing creature overworked and hurting?

Today in Jaipur, Elephant Voyage a non-profit foundation working with Discover India With Us since last three year for domesticated elephant welfare Introducing Adopt an Elephant Trip for Elephant lover have an unique experience and unforgettable memories with Elephants without making elephants overworked.

Elephants are largest living land mammal and require 200 kilograms of fresh food and up to 200 liters of water daily. Arranging such quantities of food are not easy for Elephant Keepers daily So Elephant keepers make them over work to earn money for daily food. At Elephant Voyage, we ensure that Elephants is not over working for food and Elephants being kept with plenty of food and fresh water.  Watch out our Elephants, Touching and feeding, Ride on Elephants, help them to bath and clean Elephant with Elephant keeper.

Come and support us to give better life to domesticated Elephants.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

World of the Elephant with Elephant Vayage

Jaipur popularly known as land of Royalty as well as most visited tourist destination internationally. Heritage of Jaipurs old age era is always incomplete without Elephants. Elephants and Humans are always associates together. Elephants always play key role on Human life with various ways. Elephants are always being significance and part of Royalty and known as a Royal ride for Royal families.

At Elephant Voyage we try to give chance to our guest experience the world of Elephant. We purpose guests to interact with our elephants in their natural habitat without making Elephants overworked. During our safari and day trip our guest can touch elephants, Feed our elephants, by feeding and touching elephant feel the innocence of elephants, decorate elephants with natural handmade henna based colors and enjoy a well-laid out lunch or dinner at the Camp with family of Elephants keeper.

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