Saturday, December 17, 2016

Most Memorable Trip

One of the most visited highlight of Jaipur Elephant Voyage where you got a chance to spend quality time with domesticated Elephants. Elephant Voyage is one of the most eco-friendly and simplest way to adopt an elephant for the day and examine the royalty of Rajasthani culture, there are various activities which can be offered by Elephant Voyage. Some of the most loving activities which can be done with Elephants is Feed, Bath and Decorate Elephants. You can also choose a bareback ride / Safari and experience the most exquisite Elephant Safari in Jaipur.

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Elephant Safari in Jaipur

An elephant back safari is a never to be forgotten safari experience organize by Elephant Voyage in Jaipur. Elephant Voyage are the perfect means to up-close with these gentle, friendly and giant gods creature. For the first time visitors our different activities with domesticated elephants that truly touch your soul.

Below are the various souvenir of memories offer by Elephant Voyage in Jaipur

Feed the Elephant

Feed the elephants and enjoy the delightful experience of seeing innocent tricks of elephants to have food by using their trunk. Also engage yourself making giant elephant chapattis with unique ingredients.

Bath the Elephant

The best activity to strengthen your bond of friendship with Elephants. Elephants love playing in water, let the elephants soak in a cold water while playing, if you're lucky Elephant may return your favor as a token of your friendship by dripping from "Head to Toe".

Decorate the Elephant

Imagine elephants as a canvas and paint your imagination using beautiful natural colors and
paints brush. All paints will be natural pant and flower based colors they would give a mesmerizing look to the giant beast while leaving no side effects on elephants skin.

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Direct Interact with Elephants

For first timers traveling for safaris in India, India subcontinent is filled with various styled wildlife tours and sanctuaries where you can enjoy nature in the way it is intended to. Every wildlife tour makes you come closer to depth of Indian wildlife. In India, you can experience wildlife safari experience in many different types of land forms like desert, dense forest, zoological park and biological parks. From the various types of wildlife tour and Sanctuaries State capital of Rajasthan “Jaipur” offers you an extra ordinary wildlife tour with elephants.

Almost all the Nature parks in India offer only safaris in Jeeps or other vehicle at Jaipur we offer direct interact with elephants. Here in Japur we offer various activities including ride on elephant which make elephant lovers get unforgettable lifetime wildlife tour.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Elephant Safari Tour

Go on board on an exploring the extraordinary Elephant Safari trip with Elephant Voyage. Indian Elephant Safari has various characters and has left behind its footprints in many parts of the country.

This Package organize by Elephant Voyage in Jaipur will take you to the depth of Indian domesticated elephants. Elephant Voyage is not a place for Ride on Elephants our each activities of our tour package will take you closer to the Elephants and help you to know more about the friendly natures of Elephants.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Unforgettable Elephant Day Tour

Elephant day tour at Elephant Voyage in Jaipur is never to be forgettable experience that will truly touch your soul. Elephant Voyage is a perfect mean of come close and feels this amazing Elephants. At Elephant our guest will adopt an elephants and know more about their friendly nature.

As a tourist when you enter in India plenty of tour operators or service providers offer you elephant safari and ride in different wildlife sanctuary located in different parts of India.  There you allow riding elephants only. Elephant Voyage is not just an elephant ride and safari park our various activities allow our guest the different and lifetime experience.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Highlight Of Jaipur

One of highlights of a visit Jaipur is the Elephants. These wonderful elephants are decorated with traditional painted patterns by the using of different natural and homemade colors. Jaipur is home of more than 80 elephants. Most of Elephants are use for transport tourists to the uphill Amer fort and also some elephants are use for weddings or other cultural celebration in Jaipur. These days Jaipur Government introduce several policies for elephant welfare, government ensures that the animals are healthy and performs routine inspections. 

After all the government policies still things are not perfect for elephants and their keepers, due to the keeping elephants healthy keepers need to made elephants work lot and hard so they can earn money for survive and get food for elephants.

Elephant Voyage is non profitable organism Estd 2010, founded by Delhi based Travel Company "Arpana International"  dedicate to give better life all domesticated elephant and elephant keeper in Jaipur.  At Elephant Voyage we offer our guest direct interact to the Elephants so they can able to know more about elephant without making elephants work hard, each and every activities  we offer at elephant voyages is always dedicated to the Elephant welfare.

At elephant Voyage we not only think about our elephants we also keep in mind that our guest will enjoy with our elephants and have lifetime and unforgettable memories.

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