Saturday, January 16, 2016

Elephant Day Trip In Jaipur

Very few tourist know that they can also feed and  decorate the Elephant in Jaipur though it different from the Elephant ride tour of Amber Fort, however, they can enjoy and have feel of riding on Elephant back, those who love elephants and want to spend time with Elephants. 

In Jaipur, Elephant day trip can be enjoyed near Amber Fort at the Elephant Village. Elephant Village is also known as Elephant shelter of Jaipur on Amber Road. Jaipur is only place in Rajasthan where you can spend the best time with Elephants. With elephant voyage you can decorate elephants with the natural handmade colors, take part in elephant bathing with elephant keeper. 

Elephant Day Trip organize by Elephant Voyage in Jaipur is not any kind of luxurious ride and safari, Elephant day trip is organize for welfare of domesticated elephants and their keepers.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Dream destination of Elephant Lovers

The Jaipur is a dream destination for Elephant lovers, in every year it is flooded with tourists from different part of the world. On the highlights of Jaipur Elephant ride at Amber fort is stunning. More than 300 Elephants work here and ride tourist up to hill main entrance of the Fort. These wonderful animals use to transport tourist all the daylong without any rest and break. 

For welfare of domesticated elephants of Jaipur, Sumit leading tour operator of North India based on Delhi established an organization known as Elephant Voyage. At Elephant Voyage we try to give some easy work to Elephant Keeper so they get some extra and elephants will not have to work all day long.

At Elephant Voyage you can enjoy tons of time with Elephants at their farms and shelter located in outskirt of Jaipur City away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. We offer our customers to decorate our elephants by using traditional Indian plant and flower colors. Feed our elephants; participate in elephant bathing with elephant keepers.  

Visit Elephant Voyage and support us for  protect Domesticated Elephants.