Friday, July 15, 2016

Elephant Safari India

The Indian subcontinent is filled with various styled Elephant Safaris where you can enjoy in the way it is intended to. In India, you can experience Elephant Safaris in many different types of towns like Jungle safaris in Jim Corbett, Elephant day trip in Jaipur and others.

Elephant safaris can be differentiated into various types based on the type of tour packages you choose. The most common and popular one is the elephant day trip in Jaipur. Here in Jaipur you can offer to up close and interact with elephant in the way it is natural habitat by the several exotic types of activities organize by Elephant Voyage.

Delhi based travel company India Voyages started Elephant Voyage 5 years before with the vision of give better life to domesticated elephants and elephant keepers in Jaipur, Rajasthan. As person once you enter in Jaipur you can see elephant keepers making elephants work hard everywhere. At elephant voyage we trying to give some kind of work for elephant keepers so elephant don’t have to work hard and guest will enjoy and love too.

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Symbol of Royality

Riding on an animal that symbolizes Royalty does add confidence in terms of Royalty in your India trip. Elephant Voyages allows you to explore the outskirt of Jaipur by keeping the world’s second biggest mammal on your side. Most Eco friendly and Elephant friendly farm in Jaipur, operate Elephant Safaris in the Elephant Village. Here at Elephant Voyages we offer our guest to get closer with this world’s biggest mammal by Paint, feed, shower and ride.  Pet our elephants and learn more about how to communicate with Elephants by sign language.

Elephant Voyage is organization run by India Voyages Delhi based Travel Company to give better life domesticated elephants and elephant keepers.  Visit Elephant Voyage