Friday, August 26, 2016

Fest Of Memories

Pick the most prefer Elephant Safari at Elephant Voyage in Jaipur where you can interact with Elephants know more about the elephants in natural habitat. Elephant Voyage is not just a regular elephant ride or Elephant safaris farm its non profitable eco friendly farm where we work for give better life and caring domesticated elephants. As a tourist everywhere you will be offered different Elephant rides and safari in Jungles or other national parks.

We offer different verities of activities to come closer the world’s most amazing and cutest creature. Our different activities such as elephant feeding here you can feed elephants with makes you and elephants know well and become friendly, you will offered to decorate elephants by the plant made natural colours, elephant bathing here you can scrub and rub elephants and made elephants play with you in water, we offer our guest optional elephant ride at “Elephant Village” shelter and village provided by Jaipur Government for domesticated elephants and elephant keepers.

Visit elephant voyage and help us to protect domesticated Elephants.

Package Cost: INR 1950/- per person only
Package Include: Welcome drink, bottle water 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Up Close With Elephants

The Indian subcontinent is filled with various styled wildlife safaris and tour packages where you can enjoy nature in the way it is intended to. In India, you can experience wildlife in many different types like desert safari by camel, dense forest safari by jeep. Safari can be differentiated into various types based on the type of tour you choose. Other exotic tour we offer at Elephant Voyage in Jaipur where you can interact with elephants closely and know about the behavior and natural habitats.

Elephant Voyage is non-profitable part of India Voyages leading Travel Company based on Delhi to protect domesticated elephants in Jaipur. At Elephant Voyages we offer our guest numerous number of different activities to interact our elephants and adopt them for a day.

To read more about us click following link Elephant Voyage and India Voyages